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My name is Sarah. I am a person who lives with both hearing loss and tinnitus. I have also spent most of my working life within the hearing industry. I am an audiologist who has moved around over the years which has given me the opportunity to see the industry, including its changes and its challenges, from a range of perspectives. I am lucky in navigating my own hearing journey these days in that I understand the technology, the industry and how to navigate my pathway. But, not everyone has this.  I strongly believe that an informed consumer is a good consumer. Unfortunately, a lot of the information presented around hearing aids is biased in terms of trying to sell you a specific product. So I have created this blog to provide you with independent information to help you navigate your hearing journey.

So welcome to my Hearing Blog. Check out the topics, and get in touch if you want to know more about a particular subject.

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Hello and welcome to the first Sarah McCullough Audiology blog post which is about why I am creating a hearing blog. I know – seems

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