Sazzy Art

Art is something everyone can do – we just vary in how we  do it! There is something about having a blank piece of paper and making it your own through drawing or painting an image/object that is in your head or in front of you, or copy of a picture. The key is – make it your own! What do I mean by that? No one else knows what you meant to draw – whether it looks as you intended it too. Is the body out of proportion – yeah – I was exploring different proportions! Doesn’t look like the drawing you copied – I put my own spin on it – get the picture?

While one can spend a lot on drawing equipment – really all you actually need to get started is some paper and basic pencils or paints depending on your preference. For me – I draw. I find it is easy to set up and pack up anywhere anytime. Am I good at it? No……..but I have fun and use it as time out.

So embrace your inner artist, pick up your medium of choice and give it a go.