Beautiful Cairns

Today was a busy day for work. It was one of those days where it got to mid-afternoon and I was starving as I had eaten an early breakfast and had not yet got as far as lunch. However, today I was in Cairns so I decided to find somewhere nice for lunch.

Rather than just duck into a local café I took the opportunity to pop up the road to the beautiful Palm Cove and find a place to eat with some scenery. Well, not only did the scenery not disappoint, but the burger I had was awesome. I am not always a burger person but this was one of those burgers where every element is delicious and the quality bread really just helps to hold it together rather than being an overriding element- perfect! Top that off with some great views of the beach and the ocean and it was a rather enjoyable late lunch.

By the time I finished lunch, the work day was drawing to a close but I still had some daylight left so I set about seeing what I could squish into see before it got dark!

I darted up to the Kuranda Markets to discover that they were closed for the day, but saw a sign for the nearby Barron Falls. I decided to take a chance and check them out. It was well worth doing so. Apart from providing some much needed exercise in the form of a walk through the rainforest, the falls themselves were beautiful. It would be great to spend more time there but I was on a schedule so it was a quick visit.

Following my exploration of Baron Falls, I headed home, taking a quick stop off at a look out point that was quite beautiful. Cairns and its surrounds is definitely a place I could spend more time.

I also couldn’t quite resist a quick stop off at Yorkie’s Knob. A beautiful little town with an unfortunate name. It was here that I saw something I hadn’t seen before- a first aid point on the beach with Vinegar for people to use if they happen to encounter stingers in the water. Great idea, I just hadn’t seen it before. I suspect there are not too many places in the world you would find this but Australia does have it’s unique features!

For only a couple of hours of daylight I managed to squish in a lot exploring the surrounds of Cairns and then it was back to the hotel for a quick bite- afterall lunch was so late I didn’t need much dinner. Then it was time to catch up on some work and to grab some sleep before trekking from Cairns to Townsville the next day!

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